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Lithium-ion Revolution

Impossibly Light. Extended Range Battery.

The NIU N1S is using state of the art lithium ion battery packs (Panasonic, Samsung and LG manufactured) with a two-year guarantee. Weighing in at only 10kg (22lbs.), you can easily carry the NIU battery for in-home/office re-charging. The 29aH battery pack is fully re-charged in six hours, providing an 80km range, or about four typical days of urban commuting.


Extended Urban Range

The N1S gives you 80 kilometers of freedom on a single charge. This is not just a scooter, it is your new urban exploration vehicle. Ride it to work, take it out on the weekend.
NIU: The future of urban exploration today.

* This range is based upon a constant driving speed of 20km/h

BOSCH + FOC Power Train System

German Precision, Optimized

We teamed up with BOSCH motor to build an ultra efficient and smart motor for the future of e-scooters. At the center of this collaboration is the NIU developed “Field-Oriented Control” system, that we customized for the 1500W BOSCH motor to optimize power consumption. We coupled the FOC optimized motor with an EBS dual brake system to recycle power back into the system. So when you’re braking, you are re-charging.

Simple & Elegant

It is our design philosophy that more can be done with less. Our final output is a culmination of a philosophy that starts with our R&D to develop a structurally stable and powerful vehicle while remaining elegantly simple in design.

Design & Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our industrial design. We believe that our technology innovations are only brought to life when an incredible attention is paid to the engineering that lies under the outer skin of the N1S.


Real-Time Intelligence

GPS/ Anti-Theft / Remote Tracking / Scooter Diagnostics / Help Center

The NIU APP provides real-time visibility on the status of your N1S. Your scooter may be out of site, but you can have peace of mind of its security with our anti-theft tracking feature. Additionally you can view, at a glance, how much battery is remaining, track your recent rides, get instant updates with any scooter malfunctions, locate the nearest service station, and peruse the user manual with a few swipes of the app…and this is just the beginning.

The NIU Guarantee

The N1S has a two year guarantee on the Lithium-ion battery and components.* NIU owners can bring their scooter to any registered service station in your region for standard repairs and service.

*Contacta en spain@niu.compara un listado completo de las coberturas de la garantía.