Redefining Electric Power

All New BOSCH Motors

The 2000W M-Series motor is leading the industry in re-defining what you can expect from an electric motor.

FOC Controller
An Enhanced Riding Experience

You can think of the FOC as the brain controlling the motor in real-time. It recognizes the conditions your riding under and instantly calls on the motor to perform as optimally as possible. The FOC senses the scooter diagnostics, things that you as a rider cannot see, and makes a decision as to how the motor will respond to your riding demands.

It's Your Ride, You Choose the Mode

Go farther
Go faster
ECO Mode
Sport Mode
    ECO Mode

    Sport Mode

Cruise Control, For a Smooth Ride

With a quick toggle you will be cruising in no time.

Smart and Safe Braking

We have combined a front disc and rear drum-brake with our advanced EBS to create a controlled braking environment.

  • 1.8m

    Dry-Road Braking Distance

  • 2.5m

    Wet-Road Braking Distance

Electronic Braking System (EBS)

Just like the N-Series, the M-Seriess and M-Seriespro employ intlligent EBS that is able to take advantage of regenerative breaking
to recover up to 10% of the battery energy.

Our M-Seriespro can climb a 15° gradient without any issue as the Bosch motor pumps out 110 Nm of torque.