Every Detail Matters

We set out to build a single-rider vehicle that was both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable. Every element has been chosen to play a role in both the form and durability.

The Truss Structure. Lighter and Stronger.

We have been able to reduce the weight of our frame by incorporating a curved and cradle structure. The new truss has been optimized for urban riding.

A Whole New Plastic Form

Minimal at its core, the M1 cradle is made up of only three plastic components that mesh with the curved frame,
that creates the illusion of a single sloping linear structure.

Performance Moto Inspired
Single Unit Shock Absorber

We have taken advantage of the single cable-stayed shock absorber to do both, reduce the weight, and give the scooter more agility to cruise through urban traffic.

Aluminum-Titanium Swing Arm

By employing an ultra-high temperature casting procedure, our Aluminum-Titanium alloy has allowed us to build a swingarm whose strength-performance out rivals the original materials.

Automobile Inspired Finishing

We decided that we need to expect more from the final finish
of our electric scooters, so we looked no further than
the auto industry to find the best-in-class finishing techniques.

Precision Tooling

We know every milimeter matters when it comes to the final form and paneling.

Precision Painting

*CMW three-layer spray process is essential in creating added durability while simultaneously giving the M1 an added finish.

Customize Your Ride

Everyone has different needs for their riding experience, so from storage boxes to floor mats and helmets, we are creating an accesory that matches your riding personality.