A Lithium-Ion Movement

Impossibly Light. Extended Range.

  • 29Ah

    Compact Capacity

  • 10kg

    Impossibly Light

  • 6hrs

    Recharging Time

  • 2yr


The freedom to explore the city around you starts with the NIU Battery pack that utilizes Panasonic, LG, and Samsung Lithium Ion battery cells. We’ve been able to pack in 29Ah of storage, providing a comfortable 80km range* while at the same time weighing in at 10 kg (22lbs.). At the heart of the N1S is an automobile inspired Battery Management System (BMS) that regulates power consumptions and ensures your safety.

On top of that we are issuing our NIU 2 Year Guarantee on the battery pack.

* This range is based upon a constant driving speed of 20km/h

€ 0,30 = 0 km *

* This range is based upon a constant driving speed of 20km/h

Engineered for Performance

  • 29Ah

    Core Capacity

  • 5x

    More Efficient

  • 600

    Recharging Cycles

  • 2yr


Re-inventing the future of urban exploration requires a deep understanding of Lithium-Ion technology. We have tapped into the tried and tested 18650 series of Lithium Ion batteries and adapted the technology to the needs of two-wheeled urban transportation – lightweight, efficient, and dependable.

In short we have taken 180 battery cells, connected them in parallel to create a robust 29Ah core battery pack. Taking that one step further, we have adopted PTC technology which compartmentalizes each cell, so if one cell goes awry it doesn’t compromise the performance of the entire battery pack.

PACK Technology

Integrated Battery Armor

We have incorporated PACK* technology adopted by world-class automakers globally to create an “armor” around each individual cell to protect the integrity of the entire battery solution.

* N1S incorporates RW-PC engineering (Pressure-Controlled Resistance Welding).

NIU Intelligent Battery

180 Cells – Acting As One

The NIU Battery Pack harnesses 180 cells of lithium-ion technology. This is all powered by the NIU BMS (Battery Management System) that connects each cell in parallel to create a robust 29aH core battery pack. Simultaneously the NIU BMS ensures real-time monitoring of voltage, current, and temperature of the battery.

360° Protection

Smart Battery. Smart Armor.

  • Over-Charging Protection
  • Over-Discharging Protection
  • Short Circuit Prevention
  • Over-Current Prevention
  • Temperature Control
  • Cell Equalization

A Ten Second Change.

Unlock. Lift. Go.

Efficient Energy.
Optimized Life.

The optimized low temperature discharging is at the core of the NIU battery lifecycle that allows the NIU battery to outperform and outlast the competition recharging cycles.

Rapid Recharging

A convenient exploration vehicle must also be convenient to recharge. In the time it takes you to eat a single meal, your N1S gains a range of 20km. A light night of sleep, and your battery is fully recharged, providing you a full four days of riding, or about 80km.

NIU 2 Year Guarantee

For the next two years you can ride without a worry. Your battery is protected through the NIU 2 Year Guarantee. Should anything go wrong, we will take care of you.*

*The 24 month guarantee is subject to manufacture defects such as abnormal voltage, failure to recharge, and battery capacity failure. Additionally, we assume that the battery is being used in typical use patterns, so not to degrade the integrity of the battery. Use outside the suggested temperature and climate use patterns will not be covered.